About SingleTree Lane

What's in a Name

Singletree Lane finds its name from a small town in Southern California where our founding stylist spent her formative years. It was a small community back then (the 70s), just outside of San Diego and known for its canyons. It had a definite air of Americana (think American Graffiti).  Of course, that town and that street made quite an impression on her developing mind and to this day, she has very fond memories growing up there and in the house where she spent most of her time.

Stylist and Owner

 SingleTree Lane is the brainchild of its founder, Anita Davenport.  Anita is a fashion stylist and clothing designer.  And, SingleTree is a culmination and expression of her varied personalities, multiethnic background, styles, interests and inspirations.  SingleTree brings together a subset of all of her creations in one home.  

 Her Family of Brands

  • That Hoody Shop
  • Whimzy Tees
  • Rockin Panda Tees
  • Whimzy Home
  • Whimzy Cheeks
  • Club Bedlam Sport

Mission Statement

At SingleTree Lane, our mission is to create fashion that not only stands out with vibrant colors and unique designs but also promotes inclusivity and environmental responsibility. We are dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion in every aspect of our business, from the themes of our collections to the communities we serve. Our designs celebrate all peoples, enhancing moods and spreading cheer with a palette that uplifts both wearers and viewers. Supporting initiatives like Surfriders and Trees for the Future, and using recycled materials, we ensure our commitment to the planet and its people is evident in every item we create. Moreover, we put our motto of "Love All, Serve All" into action.


At SingleTree Lane, our vision is to be a beacon of innovation and inclusivity in fashion, where every garment is a celebration of diversity and environmental stewardship. We strive to lead by example, transforming the industry with designs that are as vibrant and diverse as the world around us, while fostering a global community committed to sustainability and mutual respect. Through our efforts, we aim to inspire a movement that embraces individuality, uplifts communities, and honors the planet in every thread.

  • Inspiration:  Inspire a movement that embraces individuality, respects the planet, and celebrates diversity in every creation.
  • Innovation in Fashion:  Lead the industry with innovative and vibrant designs that reflect the diversity of the world.
  • Inclusivity:  Champion inclusivity by celebrating all cultures and communities in our fashion lines.
  • Community Empowerment:  Foster a global community dedicated to mutual respect and upliftment through camaraderie, color and design.
  • Environmental Stewardship:  Commit to sustainability by using environmentally friendly materials and supporting global conservation efforts.

Our Workplace Vision in Action
We carry over our external vision into our corporate culture at every level of the organization.  We illicit and include feedback from our employees to foster a welcoming but professional environment for all.  Our aim is:

  • To create a place where everyone is welcome
  • To always give our best and hold ourselves accountable for the results
  • To treat others with respect and kindness
  • To take employee feedback into account at every level of the organization

Our Priorities

  • Inclusive Culture: We integrate our vision into every layer of our organization, encouraging a culture where all voices are heard and valued.
  • Employee Engagement: We actively seek and incorporate feedback from our employees, enhancing our professional environment to be both welcoming and conducive to high performance.
  • Commitment to Excellence: We strive to deliver our best, holding ourselves accountable for results while maintaining respect and kindness toward all.
  • Continuous Improvement: We prioritize employee input in our decision-making processes, ensuring everyone at every level has a role in shaping our future.