About SingleTree Lane

What's in a Name

Singletree Lane finds its name from a small town in Southern California where our founding stylist spent her formative years. It was a small community back then (the 70s), just outside of San Diego and known for its canyons. It had a definite air of Americana (think American Graffiti).  Of course, that town and that street made quite an impression on my developing mind and I have very fond memories growing up there and in the house where I spent most of my time.

Stylist and Owner

SingleTree Lane is the brainchild of its founder, Anita Davenport.  Anita is a fashion stylist and clothing designer.  And, SingleTree is a culmination and expression of her varied personalities, styles, interests and inspirations.  SingleTree brings together a subset of all of her creations in one home.  

Her Family of Brands

  • That Hoody Shop
  • Whimzy Tees
  • Rockin Panda Tees
  • Whimzy Home
  • Whimzy Cheeks
  • Club Bedlam

Anita also designs scarves.  Ask her how you can view them and make a purchase.