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Our mission is to spread peace, love, healing, and UNITY. We achieve this by curating the best original designs from our family of stores and infusing them with love and healing energy from inspiration to delivery. Join us in making the world brighter, one creation at a time.

Discover more than just style – find inspiration and positive vibes. Explore our founder's diverse personalities through our brands and collections. For insights into our guiding force, visit https://www.singletreelane.com/about

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  • Whimzy Home

    As with everything Whimzy, we leveled up and took over home interiors with duvet covers etc.

  • Whimzy Cheeks

    What better way to cover up those cheeks than with something art-inspired by the House of Whimzy.

  • Club Bedlam

    Great for casual wear, paddleboarding, surfing, golf, running and more.